To alexisonfire.
We all agree, we all only have one chance on this earth. Within this time you have brought to me so many things. To begin with you brought me a new favorite band. Secondly you supported me through one of the hardest times of my life. You have constantly brought me up to a level that keeps life optimistic and progressive knowing that this world has so much to offer. Without you i would not be the person i am today nor would i have the friends I have. For that i am eternally grateful. Although you will sadly be missed i wish Dallas the best of luck with city and colour and wade with gallows. Also to George, Steele and Jord, i hope your new venture takes you to new places. 
God Speed Alexisonfire.
Dallas green
pencil drawing.
drawn by Danielle Clark. 
Truly an inspiration to dance like there’s no one watching you. 
Amsterdam 11-14-09 - Melkweg 
This picture was taken during your Crisis Boat Party. It deserves a special place on your website. R.I.P AoF. You meant a lot to me.
First of many Aof Tattoos to come . <3 Love you guys to death.
First of many Aof Tattoos to come . <3 Love you guys to death.
still cant get over them splitting, end of an era.
Warped 09!
"Stay stiff"
We know you will do the best for each one of you and every one of us, fans. I appreciate what your music always gave me, and every time I’ve been bad, just put the CD to play and I was better. Thank you for everything they did, their songs and melodies were kept always remembered by us. I could not see them play live, unfortunately. But I want you to know that I not only fan of Brazil, but all those fans of Brazil felt the great pain we are feeling now. Thanks for everything you gave me, thanks. Sorry my English. Here attached a picture of my tattoo done on his leg that is all that love, the love of skateboarding and the music that has done so much for me, you! “This is a love letter .44 caliber straight from my heart. With love … André Roque.