This is my goodbye to you, guys. 
From a recently fan that will never see you touring on Brazil or South America again.
Thank-You for 10 amazing years. I will always remember the first time I saw Waterwings on Much Music (it seriously changed my world of music). I met you all in person during your tour and I was too nervous to tell you how much I loved Alexisionfire and that you helped me through some awful times in my life. 
I will miss you all very much.
Love, Amy
leeds festival 2009 undies
set list from Jan.30 2004 @ L3, St. Catharines
Group shot w/Jesse from Jan.30 2004 @ L3 St. Catharines
almost done <3
To the best band ever - Alexisonfire. Thanks for your shows in Germany und for your amazing music.
Sad greetings from your fans in Germany.
Abart, Zurich, Switzerland by
Dallas and Me @ Schlachthofen Wiesbaden 2009
Warped Tour 09